Educational & Extra Care Programs

Ignite Institute for Early Learning offers exceptional educational programming for children aged 3 (Early Preschool) to 5 years old (Jr. Kindergarten). Our comprehensive classrooms, including early preschool, intermediate preschool, and junior kindergarten, provide a rich learning environment where children can develop essential skills, foster curiosity, and prepare for a successful educational journey.

Early Preschool
(3-yrs prior to Kindergarten)

The preschool program starts your child's journey into a cooperative learning environment where they can discover interests and begin to learn in a more structured setting. In the early preschool classroom, caring and compassionate teachers facilitate hands-on experiences, fostering curiosity and a love for learning.

Intermediate Preschool
(2-yrs prior to Kindergarten)

In the intermediate preschool classroom, children continue to build upon their foundational skills, delving into more complex activities that enhance language development, mathematical understanding, and social interaction. Through engaging lessons and exploratory play, they develop critical thinking abilities and expand their knowledge across various subjects, laying a solid groundwork for their upcoming transition to junior kindergarten.

Junior Kindergarten
1-yr prior to Kindergarten )

As your child approaches kindergarten and beyond, our school-readiness classroom provides abundant opportunities for daily learning and innovation! Designed for those who may benefit from an additional year before entering full-day kindergarten or who haven't reached the public school age cut-off, junior kindergarten offers a nurturing environment where children can thrive academically and socially, gaining essential skills and confidence for a successful transition to kindergarten.


All students are eligible for before-care on their school day. This is a drop-in program, but requires advanced registration for teacher scheduling. Before-care runs from 7:30–8:55 a.m. in our large classroom, but may include other classrooms based on participation, and includes a morning breakfast snack. See the program enrollment options sheet for cost.


All students are eligible for after-care on their school day. Advanced registration is required for teacher scheduling. After-care runs from 3:15–5:30 p.m. in our large classroom, but may include other classrooms based on participation, and includes an afternoon snack. See the program enrollment options sheet for cost.

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