Educational & Extra Care Programs

Ignite Institute for Early Learning offers educational programming for children ages 3 (pre-K) to 6 years old (kindergarten). In spring 2022, we will begin offering tours to prospective preschool, kindergarten readiness, and private kindergarten families. We are currently hard at work creating inspiring spaces that will spark your child's imagination and foster fun learning experiences. We can't wait to show you! Until then, learn about our programs below!


ages 3-4

The preschool program starts your child’s journey into a cooperative learning environment where they can discover interests and begin to learn in a more structured setting. In the preschool classroom, caring and compassionate teachers help your little one turn everyday experiences into fun educational opportunities.

Junior Kindergarten: ages 4-5

As your child prepares for kindergarten and beyond, our school-readiness classroom features lots of fun opportunities for learning and innovation to occur every single day! Whether your child needs an extra year before attending full-day kindergarten or has not met the public school age cut-off, junior kindergarten is the perfect place to continue to learn and grow.

Private Kindergarten: ages 5–6

Ignite’s private kindergarten classroom follows the guiding philosophy of fun learning experiences ("living methods") while preparing your child with essential academic, social, and developmental skills they will need for success in first grade and beyond. This is a full-day, 5-day-a-week program, designed to meet state requirements.


All students are eligible for before-care on their school day. This is a drop-in program, but requires advanced registration for teacher scheduling. Before-care runs from 7:30–8:55 a.m. in our large classroom, but may include other classrooms based on participation, and includes a morning breakfast snack. See the program enrollment options sheet for cost.


All students are eligible for after-care on their school day. Advanced registration is required for teacher scheduling. After-care runs from 3:15–5:00 p.m. in our large classroom, but may include other classrooms based on participation, and includes an afternoon snack. See the program enrollment options sheet for cost.

Checkout our daily program schedule of activities