Enhancing Child Development

Ignite Institute for Early Learning offers several different opportunities for enrichment. Our enrichment elements occur both inside and outside of the school day. There is no additional fee for participation. Our program also includes field trips and guest speakers who visit the classroom.

Art Fest

Our children are constantly making art as part of their regular weekly enrichment program; therefore, each year we host "A Night at the Museum" to showcase their fantastic masterpieces and connect as a school community.


At Ignite, we love music! Music plays a prominent role in all of our programs. A lot of learning takes place through play and song. We are also learning songs that will be part of our yearly Christmas and Easter programs, which are open to all.


Our annual "silly, not scary" October event. We aim to build our school community by hosting an age-appropriate party filled with silly costumes, candy, and games. Family and friends are invited.

Turkey Time

As we teach the children about the origin and meaning of Thanksgiving, we also make a big deal out of having our own school feast, complete with costumes. Fun!


We are always engaged in exciting STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) education, working projects and activities into the weekly program.


The world is a diverse place, so we endeavor to introduce children to the joy of learning other languages (Spanish and French) by incorporating them into our daily activities (counting, naming, and singing).

Egg Hunt

As part of our Easter celebration, we include a chance for the children to run and dash and scoop up their stash of filled Easter eggs.


Each spring, near May's end, we host a fun gathering for kids and parents in which a petting zoo is brought to you. Don't miss this outdoor event filled with animals, bounce houses, food, and more fun than you can handle.

View our enrichment event schedule. Our events are open to our students' family and friends