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Cleaning tip of the week:
How to restore shower pressure

October 5, 2020

Your shower is there for you on a daily basis. But have you ever shown that shower head some love? Did you know that grit and grime can build up within a shower head and actually impact the water pressure in the pipes? To unclog your shower head, mix equal parts white vinegar and water and pour it into a plastic bag. Dunk the shower head in the bag to fully immerse the holes and let it soak for up to one hour. Read more


Cleaning products you should NEVER mix

50 Tips for Keeping the Kitchen Clean

Our Favorite Eco-Friendly Cleaning Tools



September 29, 2020

Cleaning products you should NEVER mix (unless you want a visit from the fire department)

Many people mistakenly think that certain cleaning products that are safe to use alone are also safe to use combined. This co... Read more

September 28, 2020

Cleaning tip of the week:
Buh-bye floor scuffs!

If your hardwood floors look a bit streakier than usual, you’ll be happy to know that a floor buffer doesn’t have to be your next purchase. Try removing small marks by using a sock or a clean tennis ball. For larger streak... Read more

September 1, 2020

CALLING ALL FIRST RESPONDERS! Green Machine is now offering 25% off cleaning services for first responders and frontline workers

To honor workers battling the COVID-19 pandemic, during the entire month of September Green Machine Cleani...Read more